See us at Buena Vista, Colorado August 8-11, 2019. We'll be at the Miners Co-op in Denver September 6-15, 2019.

Event Calendar

Rockswest 2019 Event Calendar

Rockswest will be attending the following shows with lots of inventory in tow at the following events in 2019. Please call us a 505-690-1624 or 505-455-3567 with questions or requests before the show dates. We are here to serve you and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

  1.  Buena Vista , CO  ContinTail Gem and Mineral Show   Aug. 8-11
  2. Denver Miner's Co-Op Show at the Western National Complex  September 6 -15 2019
  3. Tucson, AZ  Kino Gem and Mineral Show  Jan. 30-Feb.16, 2020