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About Us

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Rockswest is the unintended consequence of an avocational interest gone wildly awry. What was a passing leisure activity has become a full time obsession. And, we must add, one with great rewards, not necessarily financial but of personal satisfaction. Tons (literally) of rocks surround us in the Rockswest yard. Storage buildings are filled with flats of specimens galore. The lapidary shop is overflowing with projects, saws, grinders, polishers and tumblers. An old adobe casita houses our personal Rockswest collection. Hand trucks have been replaced with forklifts. The office trailer is now the packing and distribution center. Around here, rocks-r-us from dawn to dusk. Mineral shows masquerade as vacations. We love every minute of it!
Rockswest inventory includes gemstones, lapidary rough, and turquoise, thousands of cabochons, petrified wood and more. We are also probably the largest dealer of selenite in the U.S., serving the designer, decorator, sculptor, collector and metaphysical markets.
We'd rather be rockin!